About the Cast

CHUI Tien You  (as Tuck Chai)
He was born in Hong Kong.  He planned to work in the automobile industry after leaving high school, but a chance encounter brought him to the attention of director Fruit Chan.  He appeared in TV commercials before appearing in movies. He went on to become one-half of the popular boy-band Shine, which dissolved in 2008. He’s now actively pursuing his career as an actor, and At the End of Daybreak marks his first leading role. Previously, he has key roles in film Glass Tears (Carol Lai), AV (Pang Ho Cheung), After This Our Exile (Patrick Tam) and Magic Boy (Adam Wong)

WAI Ying-Hong  (as the Mother)
Also known as Kara Hui or Hui Ying-Hung, she is a Hong Kong actress of Manchu ancestry. She was discovered by martial arts director Lau Kar-Leung (Liu Jialiang), who cast her in his film Challenge of the Masters (1976) and went on to give her leading roles in several of his films, including The Lady is the Boss.  She won the Best Actress prize in the inaugural Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in Lau’s film My Young Auntie (1982). Nowadays she works mainly in drama serials for the Hong Kong station TVB. Recently, she was in films such as Legendary Assassin, Jiang Hu, and Infernal Affairs 2.

NG Meng Hui  (as Ying)
After reading Mass Communications at university, she worked in publishing before becoming a model. This led to acting opportunities, and she appeared in many TV shows, most notably the popular Malaysia-Singapore co-production The Beginning (2006). She currently hosts a morning radio show.

About the Director

HO Yuhang was born and raised in Petaling Jaya, just outside the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. He took a degree in engineering at Iowa State University in the US, but opted for a career in TV production when he returned to Malaysia.  He soon began putting his training in the craft of programme-making to work in a series of personal short films and tapes. In 1999, he made the six-part documentary series Semangat Insan: Masters of Tradition. His debut feature Min followed in 2003; it was financed by television and shot on digital video, but was invited to many film festivals as a film and won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes, France. His subsequent features and shorts have been invited to an ever-widening circle of festivals and have won several more prizes, including the NETPAC Award and the Tiger Award for Best Short at International Film Festival Rotterdam (from Sanctuary and As I Lay Dying respectively).  In 2008, he was one of three finalists for Martin Scorsese’s mentorship in an arts initiative sponsored by Rolex.

1996 Fragments (short for Cannes Kodak Student Workshop)
1997 Subway (short video)
1998 camera degree zero (short video)
2000 good friday at the zoo (short video)
2001 Not Far From Here (documentary)
2003 Min (DV feature)
Classrooms (documentary short)
2004 Sanctuary (DV feature)
2006 Rain Dogs (35mm feature)
2007 As I Lay Dying (DV short)
2009 At the End of Daybreak (35mm feature)