Gokgorn Benjathikul (Pia)

Gokgorn Benjathikoon a model plays Pia, a cabaret "showgirl".

Gokgorn's appearance defies a male honorific. He is slim, long-haired, fair-skinned, has had breast augmentation and works in a cabaret show. He plays a feminine to the extreme, when playing volleyball the thing he is concerned with is breaking a fingernail. He looks every inch a she- in fact, more feminine than many women does. Yet, he is a Mr.

"I knew about the real Satree Lex. I also watched when they were interviewed on the Joh Jai TV programme. I was very impressed. I knew exactly what they had to go through to become a champion," said Mr Gokgorn. He thinks itıs a good idea to have real men playing as katoeys. "Itıs a good thing", he says, "as it may help them understand the difficulties of gay society by playing the characters."

Gokgorn is the only gay man who plays one of the leading roles in the movie. At first, he was worried about doing the part as most of the gay roles in movies are derogatory. He said , "The diverse personalities in the team should help clear unhealthy stereotypes some people have of gay people and katoeys. It will help people, who may have seen only one side of gay people, understand them better."

"I worked in an advertising company before. Since most people can't tell my gender from my appearance, they do not think I am different. Those who know do not show any negative reaction. If anything, they seem to admire me more, I no longer feel discriminated against. "
s Mr Kokkorn said.

Mr Gokgorn, represents Pia very successfully, he said the movie is a first in attempting to portray various personalities of katoeys and that the story realistically portrays the gay society and the problems they face. He says its far better than any other Thai movie has done so far.