The Way We Dance


Everybody has aspirations. Despite insurmountable obstacles or fierce oppositions around you, as long as you are fervent enough, even a rusty knife will one day become a sharp one!

Growing up in an ancestral tofu shop, Fleur (AKA Fleur de Tofu) is actually a Hip Hop genius. As soon as she gets admitted to university, she vows to sever all ties with her tofu past. Doffing her apron, she becomes a supernova in the university dance crew, BombA, and is highly esteemed by its heartthrob captain, Dave. Dave hopes that the injection of new blood will help the group defeat its nemesis, Rooftoppers, and regain the crown at the Dance Chample. Engrossed in the world of Hip Hop and romantic illusions, Fleur gets a reality check when she meets the group’s other freshman recruit, the seductive and beautiful Rebecca. Rebecca not only steals Dave’s heart but also instigates the other members to compare Fleur’s dance steps to a fiddler crab’s moves. Demoted to “fleur de tofu” again and losing her budding love as well, Fleur leaves BombA in anger and despair.

Meanwhile, Alan, the dowdy chairman of the Tai Chi Club has an eye for Fleur’s sleight of hand and tries to recruit her into his club. Considered a living fossil of the university, Alan is actually much resented by Dave for usurping BombA’s original club office. With nowhere to go, Fleur follows Alan to spite Dave but soon discovers an unknown side of Alan’s character and even befriends a group of fierce looking weirdoes. They all turn out to be ex-convicts who manage to turn over a new leaf thanks to Alan’s teachings. Fleur starts to lose her bias towards the seemingly drab Tai Chi and is touched by Alan’s single-minded dedication. Love soon blossoms between them, bringing two seemingly opposite worlds together.

While Fleur is blissfully in love, Dave begs her to return to BombA. It turns out the ambitious Rebecca, having withdrawn from the group to participate in a beauty contest, quickly becomes the Queen of Scandals in the tabloids. The reputation of Dave and BombA nosedives as a result, and the dancers cannot muster enough strength or courage to face the upcoming Dance Chample. Meeting Dave again makes Fleur realize her passion for Dave and the dance crew is still aflame and it is high time she returned to the dance arena. Stung with jealousy, Alan injures Fleur inadvertently while pushing hands, confining her to the wheelchair for three months. With the dream of Dave and Fleur thus shattered and the relationship between Fleur and Alan down the drain, all three of them have hit rock bottom. At this very moment, Stormy, the leader of Rooftoppers suddenly shows up in front of the wheelchair-ridden Fleur and discloses to her the secret to Rooftoppers’ success…

Distributor: Golden Scene Company Limited

Release date: 8 Aug 2013

Category: IIB

Duration: 110 mins

1/ GH Tsing Yi
2/ GH Gateway
3/ GH Whampoa
4/ GH Citywalk
5/ AMC Festival Walk
6/ BW Cinematheque
7/ BW Kwai Fong
8/ BW Mongkok
9/ BW The One
10/ BW Hollywood
11/ BW Olympian City
12/ PALACE apm
13/ UA Cityplaza
14/ UA iSquare
15/ UA Langham Place
16/ UA Megabox
17/ UA Shatin
18/ UA Windsor
19/ UA TMT Plaza
20/ UA GALAXY Macau
21/ Star Cinema
22/ MCL Kornhill Cinema
23/ MCL Telford Cinema
24/ The Grand
25/ Paris London New York